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Youzer connectors allow you to import the accounts of your applications, and automate the actions of creation, suspension etc... on all your applications.
Thanks to these connectors and with the synchronisation of the list of your collaborators, Youzer allows you to efficiently manage the users of your information system.

What can the Quickbooks connector do?

How does the Quickbooks connector work?

What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an accounting and invoicing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Quickbooks simplifies and automates the payment process. It allows you to create invoices, keep track of expenses and have an accounting follow-up.

Quickbooks also allows the management of pay slips. All the features of Quickbooks allow you to make easier, faster and more reliable decisions.
The solution is available on all devices and is certified to French accounting standards.

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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Quickbooks and all your applications in one place. Automate your account creations, modifications and suspensions, manage your users, secure your IT.

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