Finally a clear list of its users and their accounts!

Youzer is an identity and access management solution for IT departments:
an immediately operational, ergonomic and intuitive platform to connect your first resources in a few minutes

user file with all the application accounts he owns

Manage the identities and accesses of your users:

Youzer connects your HR and IT data to give you an instant view of your authorisations, your users and their accounts.
reconciling accounts to avoid duplication

Youzer makes the link between your HRIS and your IS

Link your HRIS and your software and applications (SaaS or On-premise) or other with each other thanks to Youzer: get a complete view of users and their associated accounts.

Automate your onboarding and offboarding

Eliminate the friction of arrivals and departures:

- set up in one click the software packages applicable at the time of arrival
- automate your creation and suspension of accounts thanks to the information collected in the HRIS or via intelligent forms
- create your arrival and departure checklists

facilitate account creation with packages
user belonging to a security group

Secure your IS

Eliminate sources of vulnerability in your information system: duplicates, ghost accounts of former employees still accessible...

All authorisations are gathered on a single platform to facilitate your audits, the management of your licences and your decision making.

Workforce : 800

Youzer is the understanding of what an IAM should really be. We are not faced with an editor who sells us everything in every direction and finally with a drawer thing that doesn't work. We have an IAM for an IAM and that is excellent.

Franck Jousse - CIO

Workforce : 2100

At Youzer, we work with people who are diligent in their field, perceptive and sharp. The work is done in co-construction and at each meeting, it is concrete, things move forward.

Philippe Arnould - CIO | Romain Dejean - IT Project Manager

Workforce : 300

This is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you very much. Always a pleasure to work with your teams

Didier F. - Centralized Services Manager

Workforce : 800

The dashboard is really good. It's clear, readable and punchy.

Fabien M. - Senior Information Technology Support Analyst

Workforce : 1500

There was a direct and fairly strong adoption of Youzer in the IT team. It's become part of the corporate vernacular: 'Have you done a Youzer?

Dimitri C. - CIO

Workforce : 800

I wanted a solution that simply adapted to our needs, without us having to adapt to the application. It's a win-win situation: we're contributors to the platform's evolution.

Tony Chagnon - CIO

Workforce : 9000

Youzer had the advantage of an intuitive interface.
Compared with other IAMs, which are much messier, with key information hard to find, Youzer was very simple. It's so intuitive that we didn't even have to think about going there to see it.

Clément Ganivet - Technical support / Developer

Workforce : 300

Implementation is straightforward. Advanced features are available for those who really want to get their hands dirty. By accessing these features, you can customize the solution to suit your needs.

Alexandre Bellon - CIO

Youzer connects to all your applications

on-premise applications, SaaS applications, proprietary applications...

see the catalogue

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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