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What is Universal Connector?

The Universal Connector allows you to connect any application to Youzer, provided that the application's user management can be scripted using SQL or Powershell queries.

What can the Universal Connector do?

The Universal connector is a "Swiss Army knife" connector. It allows you to connect to local infrastructures (on-premise) to drive applications that are not initially designed to be automated. The Universal Connector allows you to connect to business application databases in order to manage in SQL language, for example, the creation and suspension of accounts that would be stored in a "users" table, for example, in the proprietary business application database.

This connector supports the main database technologies (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle...) and also allows you to launch powershell scripts if your application can be driven by powershell. This last case can be particularly useful if your application is in SSO with the Active Directory and you simply want to manage the membership of users to a security group giving access to your application.

The attributes you can manage are all those of your application since this connector is fully customizable. You can define the attributes, the mappings between the fields of your application and the attributes on Youzer, as well as the SQL queries or Powershell scripts allowing you to carry out the operations of the connector (import, creation, modification, suspension of accounts etc...)

How does the Universal Connector work?

The universal connector works with a locally installed agent that will act as a proxy between your infrastructure and the Youzer platform. This agent will launch the operations of creation, modification etc... and communicate the information to the Youzer platform. No need to open particular ports when entering your firewall because the agent communicates only in outbound.

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