A simple platform to manage
your users and their accounts
on all your applications.

Youzer is an IAM platform for managing your users
and their accounts on different applications.
Youzer automatically synchronises with all your applications and your HR directory.

User file containing all its applications

300+ companies manage their accounts and users with Youzer

Synchronise your IT and HRIS
for centralised management
of your accounts and users

With Youzer

Automate account creation for new users

Identify departed users whose accounts (and licences) are still active

Centralise the administration of all your applications

Follow the arrivals
and departures
Supervise clearances
Secure access
to your applications
The unique user repository informs you of the arrivals and departures of employees, temporary workers, service providers, etc. in real time.
You can launch account creation/suspension actions with packages that you have set up.
Youzer connects to all your applications to analyse and supervise all access accounts.
Regularly check
the alignment of each employee's authorisations. Everyone has access to what they need: no more, no less.
Regular analysis of orphaned accounts, inconsistent authorisations, specific access rights, sensitive security groups, etc.
All these features allow you to limit security breaches.
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Four issues
One solution

Securing IT

- Supervise your users' authorizations
- Monitor your security groups
- Identify orphaned and unused accounts

HR/IT collaboration

- Synchronise your HRIS, Active Directory and all your applications
- Publish arrival forms
- Create onboarding / offboarding workflows

Identity governance

- Consult your unique user repository
- Reconcile account/user information
- Simplify the review of authorisations


- Automate account creation and suspension
- Connect all your applications to Youzer to manage your accounts and users on a single platform

Youzer connects to all your applications

on-premise applications, SaaS applications, proprietary applications...

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Testimonial Image

Youzer is the understanding of what an IAM should really be. We are not faced with an editor who sells us everything in every direction and finally with a drawer thing that doesn't work. We have an IAM for an IAM and that is excellent.

Franck Jousse

Testimonial Image

At Youzer, we work with people who are diligent in their field, perceptive and sharp. The work is done in co-construction and at each meeting, it is concrete, things move forward.

Philippe Arnould and Romain Dejean

CIO and IT project manager
Testimonial Image

This is exactly what I was hoping for, thank you very much. Always a pleasure to work with your teams

Didier F.

Head of centralized services
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The dashboard is really good. It's clear, readable and punchy.

Fabien M.

Senior Information Technology Support Analyst
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My team speaks very highly of your solution.

Dimitri C.

Testimonial Image

Youzer is a huge plus for us.

Cyrille G.

Deputy Director
Testimonial Image

The support is extremely responsive.

Françoise D.

IAM Consultant

Manage the identities and accesses of your users

Connect your applications

Youzer connects to your applications like Active Directory, Office 365, GSuite, Slack... to list all existing accounts. In a few minutes you can see all the accounts on your applications.

Create resource packages

A sales person, a technician, a consultant... The accounts to be created are different depending on the profile of the user who arrives. The resource packages allow you to create the right accounts for the right users.

Receive notifications of arrivals and departures

Forget the email from the HR department informing you of movements: As Youzer is connected to the HRIS, you can see upcoming arrivals and departures, and you are notified if any information changes.

Automatically create newcomer accounts

In one click, all the information is filled in for the creation of the account on the AD, the GSuite account... the right distribution groups, the right security groups, the attributes taken from the user file (personnel number, geographical location, etc.)

Youzer expert in identity and access management (IAM)

Youzer is an ITSM platform (for IT service management) allowing IT and HR departments to manage user accounts automatically. IT and HR departments finally have a software that allows direct exchanges in order to secure the entire network, avoiding any breach and speaking the same language!

  • one console for everyone
  • automated management of arrivals and departures to avoid security breaches
  • complete knowledge of the software and applications used by your users: say no to "shadow it
  • management of employee access rights and the possibility of creating pre-configured packages to create accounts with the right rights for the right users.
  • simplification of password management with the possibility for the end user to reset his or her own password.

Find out how to manage your users and their access