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What can the Intercom connector do?

Linking the Intercom connector with Youzer will facilitate the management of your user accounts and access rights. You will be able to have an overview of the employees using Intercom.

By linking all your software, you will be able to control everything from a single platform.

How does the Intercom connector work?

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a SaaS solution, a real-time messaging system to chat with customers. Intercom is based on the customer journey to create interactions and exchanges. Intercom allows for example the implementation of chatbots on its site or messages relating to the interaction of prospects on the site. This offers the possibility of more targeted communication by putting the human element back at the heart of the relationship. Putting the customer relationship back at the heart of the sales process is the major challenge for all sites, and this is where Intercom comes in and offers a solution based on acquisition, business messaging, outbound messaging and team inbox.
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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Intercom and all your applications in one place. Automate your creations, modifications and suspensions of accounts, manage your users, secure your IT.

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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