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What is ADP?

ADP RH is a payroll service and HR solution. Designed for companies of all sizes, ADP offers functionalities such as a payroll service, human capital management, time and activity management, a talent development tool, reporting and analysis, and HR services.

ADP is a SaaS solution, which means it can be connected from anywhere to retrieve your data. The solution's functionalities are designed to simplify the day-to-day work of HR departments, and to make users as autonomous as possible.

What can the ADP connector do?

The ADP connector provides information on employees who are registered in ADP. The aim is to list employees who are present, arriving or leaving in the near future, in order to automate their onboarding or offboarding.

The information obtained is administrative (surname, first name, etc.) or contractual (job, start date, end date, etc.) for each employee.

How does the ADP connector work?

The ADP connector requires ADP to open the APIs for the instance whose information is to be retrieved. Once the API has been opened and the certificate generated, you need to configure the connector mapping on the Youzer platform to define the data you wish to retrieve.

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