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What can the Eurecia connector do?

The Eurecia connector lets you import user lists into Youzer from Eurecia, your HRIS. This HR connector imports your entire workforce into Youzer at regular intervals, providing a reliable HR source.

Most of Eurecia's fields can be imported: first of all, there are the classic fields such as surname, first name and personnel number, as well as contract information (start date, end date, function, etc.).

Finally, it is also possible to import custom fields from Eurecia by setting up the right mappings between the Eurecia data structure and the user fields in Youzer.

How does the Eurecia connector work ?

The Eurecia connector works via APIs made available by Eurecia for customer instances. Simply generate an API key on your Eurecia administrator space and enter it in Youzer when creating the HR Eurecia connector. In order to retrieve the correct fields, you will also need to set up the field mappings.

What is Eurecia?

Eurecia is a comprehensive SaaS HRIS that includes leave management, expense reports, scheduling, payroll, training, recruitment, etc. Eurecia, a French publisher, saves companies time through the simplicity and user-friendliness of its platform. Eurecia facilitates administrative and human resources management, and becomes a link between HR, managers, finance and employees. Eurecia works with modules that you choose to build your HRIS. There are 3 main sections: personnel administration, talent management and quality of life at work.

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