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Youzer connectors allow you to import the accounts of your applications, and automate the actions of creation, suspension etc... on all your applications.
Thanks to these connectors and with the synchronisation of the list of your collaborators, Youzer allows you to efficiently manage the users of your information system.

What can the Eurecia connector do?

Connecting Eurecia to Youzer facilitates the management of its user accounts for the whole company. Your HRIS and your AD (or similar) are connected to Youzer, which enables centralised management of account creation and suspension.

Thus, on one platform you can see your software and which users are using it and with what access rights. You can simply control all this with notifications and automation, which strengthens your security.

How does the Eurecia connector work ?

What is Eurecia?

Eurecia is a very complete SaaS HRIS that includes leave management, expense reports, planning, payroll, training, recruitment, etc. Eurecia, a French publisher, saves companies time by making its platform simple and user-friendly. Eurecia facilitates the administrative part and the management of human resources and becomes a link between HR, managers, finances and employees. Eurecia works with modules that you choose to build your HRIS. There are 3 main parts: personnel administration, talent management and quality of life at work.
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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Eurecia and all your applications in the same place. Automate your creations, modifications and suspensions of accounts, manage your users, secure your IT.

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