IAM Glossary


The person or department authorised to create, modify and delete accounts and access rights in the computer system. The administrator does not decide whether or not to grant rights.


A process that verifies that the resource (person, application, equipment, etc.) presenting an identifier is indeed a rightful owner of this identifier, in order to authorise this resource to interact with the computer system. Depending on the process implemented, the proof ofidentity is more or less strong.


Identification medium, as seen from the computer system. Each account has an IT identifier. We distinguish between: A nominative account, associated with one and only one person. A collective account, associated with a group of people. A service account (or technical account), associated with an application or an IS resource. For example, an account allowing a Web server to access a database.


Authorisation to carry out actions (consultation, creation, modification, deletion, etc.) on elements of the IT system (hardware, software, data).

information system IS

Information and processes that manage it.