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What is Ringover?

RingOver is a telecommunications company offering online telephony services for businesses. They offer telephony solutions for inbound and outbound calls, voicemail, call management, caller ID and other communication features. Businesses can use RingOver to manage their telephone communications efficiently, simplifying processes and improving call quality.

What can the Ringover connector do?

The Ringover connector lets you manage Ringover access accounts and user telephone numbers. The main attributes that can be managed are email, firstname, lastname, company... Groups can also be displayed, as well as phone numbers or even IVR options.

How does the Ringover connector work?

The Ringover connector is powered by Ringover APIs. To set up the connector, all you have to do is enter the API key you have previously obtained from your Ringover dashboard. This API key is used to authenticate all automated tasks on your Ringover instance (list accounts, create an account, etc.).

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Automate user accounts on Ringover
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