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What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is a SaaS software package for human resources that supports time and activity management (TAM). It enables HR departments to manage schedules, personnel and working time.
BambooHR is a comprehensive solution that provides an employee database with customizable access. All information relating to an employee can be found on his or her file, and the employee himself or herself has access to it. The software lets you filter, group and customize reports.

It stands out from other HR software because it is modular, flexible and configurable. So you can have a macro or micro vision.

What can the BambooHR connector do?

The BambooHR connector enables you to import and update the list of users in Youzer from the BambooHR HRIS. Thanks to this connector, you can view all your staff in Youzer, with the possibility of filtering to identify current employees, those who will be arriving soon or those who will be leaving soon. The connector can be configured to retrieve all the administrative information needed to create accounts or staffing requests when users arrive.

How does the BambooHR connector work?

The BambooHR connector is very easy to configure. Simply create an API key on the BambooHR web interface. You then enter this API key when setting up the authentication of the BambooHR connector on the BambooHR administration interface.

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Automate user accounts on BambooHR
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