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Youzer connectors allow you to import the accounts of your applications, and automate the actions of creation, suspension etc... on all your applications.
Thanks to these connectors and with the synchronisation of the list of your collaborators, Youzer allows you to efficiently manage the users of your information system.

What can the Aircall connector do?

The Aircall connector associated with Youzer will allow you to manage your account creations, suspensions and deletions from a single platform. You will also be able to manage administrator rights from Youzer.

Associated with your HRIS and your IS such as Active Directory, Youzer allows you to manage all user accounts and software access from a single location.

How does the Aircall connector work?

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a SaaS solution, i.e. in the cloud. It allows you to manage your telephone platform and all your calls thanks to a software that is implemented in the helpdesk. The calls can be linked to a CRM and thus be better followed up and enrich the customer database. The creation of the call centre for companies is done in a few minutes and lines can be created in France or in the world. Aircall is collaborative, you can add elements from anywhere in the world at the same time. It is also a solution that can be accessed from any device and is easy to switch from phone to computer.
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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Aircall and all your applications in one place. Automate your account creations, modifications and suspensions, manage your users, secure your IT.

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