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What can the NinjaOne connector do?

The Ninja One connector allows you to manage the accounts of users who have access to Ninja One. These are generally administrators who are authorized on the Ninja platform. The Ninja One connector allows you to list administrators with attributes such as firstName, lastName, phone, administrator, userType, etc.

How does the NinjaOne connector work?

The Ninja One connector works with the API key, which must be set when the connector is created. This API key must be created on your Ninja One instance.

What is NinjaOne?

NinjaOne is an advanced IT solution that facilitates the work of IT teams. It enables IT service companies and IT departments to manage, automate and solve all tasks related to endpoint management with a fast, modern and easy-to-use platform. This improves technician efficiency and user satisfaction. NinjaOne is a solution for monitoring, remote control and incident resolution.

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