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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a SaaS solution that enables video conferencing, document sharing and real-time messaging. Zoom allows screen sharing, recording of meetings and animation during meetings. A very large number of participants can be accepted. Zoom can also be easily used for remote IT support. Zoom is compatible with other solutions such as Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar in order to synchronise meetings with the calendar and to have links and reminders directly in the usual calendar tools. Zoom works with a free and a paid version. In the free version, meetings are limited to 100 people and 40 minutes maximum.

What can the Zoom connector do?

The Zoom connector allows you to list the accounts that have access to your Zoom space. These are the Zoom platform's user and administrator accounts.

You can also create new Zoom accounts automatically from the administrative data of new employees.

The modification as well as the suspension and reactivation of accounts is also possible in an automated way with the Zoom connector.

The main fields managed by the connector are the email (which serves as a login or connection identifier), the first name (first name), the last name (last name), and the type (administrator for example).

Other fields such as the account creation date or the last login date are read-only.

How does the Zoom connector work?

The Zoom Connector connects to the Zoom APIs to retrieve account information, or to modify it automatically.

When you set up the Zoom connector on Youzer, you will be redirected to a consent screen hosted by Zoom that will ask you, once logged into the Zoom platform, to accept the connection between Zoom and Youzer.

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Automate user accounts on Zoom
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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Zoom and all your applications in one place. Automate your creations, modifications and suspensions of accounts, manage your users, secure your IT.

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