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The need to reconcile users and accounts has always been present but for a long time it could be avoided 😬.

Today it is clear that this is no longer possible, so the IT department has only 2 alternatives:
- an Excel file whose use is diverted from its spreadsheet function
- extremely complex (and expensive) solutions that do not federate and, what's more, are not even capable of managing their customers' SaaS and on-premise software

We said stooop to all this, we need an alternative solution!

  • An IAM solution that can be adopted by the whole of the IT department, but also by the HR department and managers: a clean design, easy navigation, intuitive settings and a more 'technical' part for those who want it.
  • A solution that supports our customers' SaaS and on-premise software and applications regardless of the software configuration.
  • Affordable costs, IAM should not be an additional burden on the company's budget but rather a relief.
  • A scalable identity and access management platform. You give us your feedback, we make Youzer progress!

PSsst, you know what? Plus we're a French company that hosts our data in France 🐓💪

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