About Youzer

Our mission

The need to reconcile users and accounts has always been present but for a long time it could be avoided 😬.

Today it is clear that this is no longer possible, so the IT department has only 2 alternatives:
- an Excel file whose use is diverted from its spreadsheet function
- extremely complex (and expensive) solutions that do not federate and, what's more, are not even capable of managing their customers' SaaS and on-premise software

We said stooop to all this, we need an alternative solution!

PSsst, you know what? Plus we're a French company that hosts our data in France πŸ“πŸ’ͺ

French tech logo

The Youzer organization

We are organized around 5 major divisions:

Our offices are based in Paris, but some of our colleagues are in the South of France.
We meet regularly for joint work sessions, and we are constantly exchanging ideas to move all our projects forward.

Twice a year, we organize a team-building event in which we carry out fun activities to spend a good time together ☺️.

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