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What is Hubspot?

HubSpot is a US-based marketing, sales and customer service software company. It offers an all-in-one platform to help companies grow their online business by enabling them to manage their website, blog, email marketing, contact management, CRM, marketing automation, data analytics and more.

HubSpot's platform is designed to enable businesses to manage all their marketing, sales and customer service activities in one place, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. It also offers integration with many other popular marketing and sales platforms, such as Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify and more.

What can the Hubspot connector do?

The Hubspot connector automatically retrieves the list of users with Hubspot accounts. As each account has varying degrees of access rights, it's essential to keep track of who has access to Hubspot: for example, you don't want former employees to still have activated access. The information retrieved by the Hubspot connector includes email address, first name, last name and account status (activated / suspended)...

How does the Hubspot connector work?

The Hubspot connector must be configured on Youzer. It requires the consent of a Hubspot platform administrator to be configured.

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Automate user accounts on Hubspot
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Youzer centralizes your account, user and application information. You can manage Hubspot and all your applications in one place. Automate your account creations, modifications and suspensions, manage your users, secure your IT.

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