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What is Airtable?

Airtable is a SaaS solution that provides automation, calculations and a database, and is a no-code tool for managing calendars, project management and CRM, for example.

Airtable can be used as a central point to manage your teams, your recruitments, your data. To manage all of this, workflows can be used to automate actions.

What can the Airtable connector do?

The Airtable RH connector lets you import users from a table you've built in Airtable. In this case, Airtable functions as an HRIS, serving as a source of truth for Youzer.

Imported users contain the information you have entered in Airtable: for example, surname, first name, date of arrival, date of departure, but also department, function, manager...

This connector allows you to view in Youzer the list of users who will soon be arriving in your entity, or to detect users who have left and whose accounts need to be suspended.

How does the Airtable connector work?

The HR connector uses Airtable's APIs to retrieve a user database. The fields to be imported can be selected using the mapping parameters on the Youzer platform.

To set up the Airtable connector, you'll need to create an API key in Airtable and then insert it when setting up the connector on Youzer.

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Automate user accounts on Airtable
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