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What can the Cegedim connector do?

The Cegedim connector allows you to import the list of employees entered in Cegedim. Users are imported and updated from Cegedim, so that the IT team has the most up-to-date information on the current workforce, upcoming new arrivals, departures, etc.

The fields imported depend on the structure set up in Cegedim. The main information retrieved is surname, first name, contract start date, contract end date, job, manager...

How does the Cegedim connector work?

The Cegedim connector connects to Cegedim's APIs to obtain the desired information. To set up the connector, you need a login and password supplied by Cegedim. The connector is read-only and makes no changes to Cegedim information, as it is a source of HR data and therefore contractual.

What is Cegedim?

Cegedim is a customer relations solution whose activities are very broad, with 4 main divisions: publishing and hosting of software for medical practices and insurance companies, management of financial flows in the healthcare sector, and medical promotion operations. Within Youzer, Cegedim SRH is used for its human resources component, which includes payroll modules, an HR portal, payroll management, an interview and appraisal component, activity time management, international management, social management, HR performance and talent management.

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