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What can the Google Workspace connector do?

Youzer's Google Workspace connector allows you to list the Google accounts of your users, to create the accounts of newcomers, to modify the accounts (in case of change of service for example), to suspend the accounts when a user leaves.

The main fields that can be modified are: lastname, firstname, groups, alias, organizational unit.

It is also possible to manage contact information (phone, address, country, company...) on users' Google accounts.

You can also reset an account password for a user with this connector.

Moreover, if you have several types of licenses, you can assign them in real time thanks to the organizational units.

Finally, the connector allows you to identify the licenses that you are still paying for when the users have left.

How does the Google Workspace connector work?

As Google provides relatively complete APIs, our connector will use them for read and write operations on the various user accounts of your Google instance.

Access to these APIs requires your consent, which will be displayed when you set up the connector in Youzer.

If you have several Google instances, it is possible to have several connectors (one per instance) to manage all your Google instances in one place.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a set of applications from Google in the cloud. It includes tools similar to those of Microsoft 365 as in office automation with Dos, Sheet and Slides.

We also find similarities of Outlook with Agenda, Gmail. Google has also associated instant chat tools like Hangouts and Meet. Google Workspace is very appreciated in the professional context because it offers the possibility to create emails with a professional domain name usable on Gmail.

Like its competitor Office 365, Google's tools are collaborative in real time and on the cloud, so they are mobile. Thanks to Google Workspace, you can easily create distribution groups to send recurring emails and save time.

As an administrator you have the ability to have organizational units and thus apply specific settings based on the units created. Like all cloud tools, these are always up to date and do not need to be stored on its own servers.

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