Youzer, a reliable and accessible alternative for managing
your users and their accounts

You're looking for a solution to manage your IT department's arrivals and departures. You want to automate your users' lifecycle, but we only find solutions that are complex and cumbersome to implement. The solutions are not suitable for SMEs and ETIs, they are American leaders and you can't find your way around.

Don't panic, Youzer is here!

Youzer is a French IAM to help you manage your users on a SaaS platform hosted in France.
Package, automation, form, audit, user management, account management, connectors are on the menu to offer you better visibility, security in your information system.

The best thing about Youzer is that it's a French solution, the customer service is top-notch and the price is transparent.

Software designed in France, hosted in France

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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