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What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an IT security method that requires the use of two or more different forms of authentication to verify a user'sidentity .

It's also known as 2FA, two factors authentication.

Why implement MFA? To reinforce security within your company, by protecting access to an account or computer system.

By combining these forms of authentication, MFA strengthens the security of accounts and sensitive data by requiring users to provide multiple proofs ofidentity to access their accounts.

Forms of authentication include:

  1. Something you know: it could be a password, a PIN code or the answer to a secret question.
  2. Something you have: this could be a physical device, such as a smartphone, smart card or authentication token.
  3. Something you are: this could be a biometric feature, such as your fingerprint, iris or facial recognition.
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