The best alternative to OneLogin

Would you like a French IAM solution that supports you?

Do you need a complete, easy-to-use user lifecycle management solution?

Then our alternative to OneLogin is for you.

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the best alternative to OneLogin

Specialized in SMEs and ETIs

OneLogin is the right solution for large companies.

The alternative we offer is specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs and ETIs.

Youzer offers a wide range of features, whatever your plan. 

Manage user movements, account creation, packages and forms.

Easy to use

OneLogin is easy to use for companies with specialized teams.

But setting up OneLogin remains complex, and the learning curve is long.

With our alternative, there's no need to worry about implementing our solution.

Youzer is an intuitive interface and a SaaS service. In just one hour, you've already connected your 3 main applications.

Request a demo and start a POC to fully test the solution.

French alternative

Youzer is a French company, while OneLogin is American.

With data centers in France, your data will be well protected and you'll be working with an RGPD compliant company.

Unlike Onelogin, you'll be accompanied in English or French to help you get to grips with the application quickly.

Appropriate pricing

With its system of packages and additional feature purchases, the final price for using OneLogin can rise very quickly.

Our prices are adapted to the size of your company, and all functionalities are already included.

Our more cost-effective alternative offers you a complete IAM.

You can find out the price of our solution right now with our calculator.

Transparent pricing
No extra costs, you pay the advertised price
No obligation
Cancellation possible at any time
Free trial
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The IT Department trusts us

We've been testing several workflows now, and they're working like a charm.

300+ companies manage their accounts and users with Youzer

Our French IAM solution offers many advantages

  • Simplify processes with clear visualization of inputs and outputs.

  • Affordable offer thanks to economical packages.
  • As a SaaS solution, implementation is fast and we offer great agility with easy-to-integrate connectors.
  • Eliminate manual tasks
    ▪️ reduces workload,
    ▪️ minimizes errors,
    ▪️ reduces licensing issues.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It can evolve according to your company's specific needs.
  • Responsive and competent team, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.
Youzeris a reliable and cost-effective alternative to other solutions on the market.

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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