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Are you looking for a simple, yet comprehensive identity management solution?
If you want to try out a full-featured solution without spending a huge budget, you should give Youzer a try.

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the best alternative to Tools4ever

French IAM solution

Youzer is French with a respect for data management.

We're proud to be part of French Tech. Our head office is in France, and our data is hosted in French data centers.

This IAM solution is a good alternative to Tools4ever (Netherlands).

All-inclusive formula

Tools4ever has split the essential functionality of its IAM between 3 packages, which poses a problem for comprehensive identity and access management.

With our Identity and Access Management solution, we offer full functionality at no extra cost.

Save 2/3 of your budget with our solution!

Self reset

SSRPM, we don't have a scientific name for it, but self reset is an integral part of our solution 😅. Integrated into all our offers, your users will be able to reset their passwords.

It's up to you to define the password reset policy. Youzer offers a good alternative to Tools4ever, as you won't have to install it on every user terminal, since there's a dedicated SaaS platform.

Fair and reasonable rates

Need an identity management solution that fits your budget?

Our flexible pricing adapts to the size of your business. Unlike Tools4ever, we don't break down our features according to your budget.

Compare our rates directly with those of Tools4ever via our calculator and discover your real rate right away.

Transparent pricing
No extra costs, you pay the advertised price
No obligation
Cancellation possible at any time
Free trial
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The IT Department trusts us

I no longer receive any negative feedback on user profiles. Youzer is the assurance of meeting needs. I can check that the applications are automated, that 4 days before everything is created, and all in real time.

300+ companies manage their accounts and users with Youzer

Our French IAM solution offers many advantages

  • Simplify processes with clear visualization of inputs and outputs.

  • Affordable offer thanks to economical packages.
  • As a SaaS solution, implementation is fast and we offer great agility with easy-to-integrate connectors.
  • Eliminate manual tasks
    ▪️ reduces workload,
    ▪️ minimizes errors,
    ▪️ reduces licensing issues.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It can evolve according to your company's specific needs.
  • Responsive and competent team, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.
Youzeris a reliable and cost-effective alternative to other solutions on the market.

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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