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Are you looking for an identity management solution that's quick and easy to implement?

Have you heard of Netwrix but are looking for an alternative?

If you want a French service that's flexible, affordable and adapts to your needs, you've got to try Youzer.

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the best alternative to Netwrix (formerly Usercube)

SMEs and ETIs in the spotlight

Netwrix focuses on large corporations and mid-sized companies, and therefore offers project management to fine-tune its solutions to customers' needs. 

SMBs and SMEs also need an affordable IAM solution that can be implemented quickly, while keeping costs and lead times under control. That's why Youzer has designed an IAM solution that can be implemented in Agile mode: you connect your first applications in just a few hours, and then fine-tune your needs according to how you use them.

The result: you get an authorization management solution that responds quickly to your needs and evolves with you. We co-build Youzer with all our customers, rephrasing the old adage: alone with Netwrix you won't go fast, together with Youzer you'll go further 😅 !


Netwrix requires integration by a consultant over a period of 50 working days (with a presence of 2 to 3 days per week) at an average daily rate of between €1,200 and €1,600. During the consultant's presence, your company's project managers must be available, which mobilizes internal resources.

You have a tunnel effect that creates a time lag between the start of the project and the end of the project, due to a lack of consultation with the customer and a slowness in deployment. What you wanted at one point in time is no longer valid when you receive the project.

Youzer is a simple, intuitive SaaS alternative to get you up and running quickly, with no tunnel effect: you experience the solution immediately. What's more, we offer a 30-day trial version to let you fully explore our solution.

French solution

Usercube used to be a French company, but was bought out by Netwrix, an American firm.

Our solution is a good alternative to Netwrix, and it's 100% made in France!

We're proud to be part of French Tech and RGPD compliant. Our headquarters are in France, and our data centers are provided by French companies.

Transparent pricing

Netwrix offers high rates, with annual costs per user ranging from €50 to €80, with a sliding-scale pricing policy + set-up costs.

At Youzer, for 500 users, you're looking at €16 per year for one user.

Need an identity management solution that fits your budget?

Our sliding scale pricing also takes into account small and medium-sized businesses, offering very affordable rates.

With Youzer, you know your rate before you even contact us! Find out your real price now:

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The IT Department trusts us

The people we talk to are very technical, and that gives us a feeling of moving forward and having answers, even on very complex points. In big companies, you have to deal with sales people who tell you that anything is possible, always.

When we say it's possible, it's really possible.

300+ companies manage their accounts and users with Youzer

Our French IAM solution offers many advantages

  • Simplify processes with clear visualization of inputs and outputs.

  • Affordable offer thanks to economical packages.
  • As a SaaS solution, implementation is fast and we offer great agility with easy-to-integrate connectors.
  • Eliminate manual tasks
    ▪️ reduces workload,
    ▪️ minimizes errors,
    ▪️ reduces licensing issues.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It can evolve according to your company's specific needs.
  • Responsive and competent team, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.
Youzeris a reliable and cost-effective alternative to other solutions on the market.

Find out how to manage your users and their access

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