Secure your IT through IAM

Monitor the access and identity of your users and tools and control the security of your user accounts.

detect phantom units

Visibility into the rights of each user

Manage the authorisations of your users. Define authorisation profiles, by domain, by responsibility, in order to limit user access and thus secure your data.
At a glance you can see for each user the list of software to which he has access, the rights or profile he has.

Monitoring of parameters

To monitor changes to a security-sensitive group or a restricted distribution list, you can activate monitoring.

IT teams will then receive a notification when a change is made to these settings. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring the "management" or "finance" groups, for example.

user belonging to a security group
find all the accounts linked to a user

Identification of orphan accounts

Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist. Orphaned accounts can represent security holes because they are either not used or used by users who have left. For each software, you have visibility on orphaned accounts.

Identification of unused accounts

An unused account is an account that is not useful. To prevent the risk of fraudulent use of unused accounts, or simply to save the licences attached to them, you can list these accounts in order to suspend them or analyse why they are not used.

detect phantom units
detect orphan accounts

Detection of active accounts while users are away

If a user has left, their accounts must be suspended. It can happen that some accounts are forgotten in your suspension process or even that someone "re-activates" the account after the user has left.

Youzer informs you in real time of these anomalies so that you can be aware of them and deal with them. You can also view them on each connector.

Viewing users with specific rights

Each software has its own specificities: rights profiles or security groups...

You can list the users with a certain type of parameters: for example list the administrators of a software, without having to go through the users one by one.

You can thus find all your groups and in one click see who is in each of these groups.

supervise your safety groups

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