Associate your users with their accounts.

Accounts on one side, users on the other, and finally a platform that brings them together efficiently.

List of accounts for each user

A user's record provides an overview of the user. In particular, there is a list of the different accounts assigned to the user.

In a single view, you can see the software to which the user has access.
You can thus see whether an account is activated or not and, depending on your level of rights, you can suspend or delete it.

find the list of accounts linked to a user
find all the applications in your IS

Dashboard of all your applications

With Youzer you have a 360° view of all accounts on all your applications: activated, deactivated, orphaned accounts etc.
You can extract information and adapt accounts and licences.

You can also search for your software thanks to a search engine and filters.

Analysis of unnecessary licences

Notifications of unused licenses or licenses assigned to deactivated accounts allow you to renew licenses correctly and knowingly: licenses recovered in this way can be assigned to new users without having to buy new ones.

detect orphan units
multiple user exports, accounts, provisionings

Export of lists

You can extract lists of users, accounts, software etc. in csv format so that you can produce your own statistics or use this information for reporting purposes.

You will find the export button at any time on your platform, export any of your data.

Assigning application accounts to users

Several hundreds or thousands of users on the one hand, several thousands of accounts on the other, Youzer allows you to reconcile these two pieces of information in order to have a complete state of the use of the applications.
This reconciliation can be carried out in an automatic or manual way according to your processes.

This process, which is so obvious and so difficult to set up, is one of the pillars in IT security that can be solved with an IAM tool

reconciling accounts to avoid duplication

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