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material stock management with IAM

Management of badges, keys and materials

It is often necessary to manage the various physical tools that allow access to the premises, such as keys, security badges, etc., or even IT equipment.

Thanks to our self-service connector, you can establish a workflow for allocating these materials and not forget to remove them when the user leaves your organisation.

You have a global view of your material stock, then a detailed view of each resource. You can also find them in the records of the users to whom you have assigned the resources.

Traceability of actions

The actions of modifications on users and their accounts are logged in order to be able to visualise the history of modifications on the various elements.

You can thus know the date of activation of a software and even for certain software the date of the last connection.

user provisioning history
form to add a new user

Public user creation form

In order to populate the directory of users, you can provide a link to a public form so that a service provider, for example, can enter information on the people who are likely to have access to your IS.

Users created in this way can be validated a posteriori by your organisation's IT or HR department.

Define the fields you are going to propose to the consultancy company yourself.

User portal

In order to be able to reset their Active Directory password themselves, for example, without having to call the IT department, users can securely access their "AppCenter".

This saves a lot of time, as there is no need to call the IT department for a simple password reset.

Password reset portal

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