Automate your processes: simplify your daily life.

Manage all your software on a single platform, set them up once and automate your actions.

1-click account creation

No more need to worry about the format of the identifier when creating an account: Youzer allows the creation of a new user's account in 1 click.

Forget about typing errors and multiple creation interfaces on each software.

Set up each of your software beforehand and the creation of accounts will always be compliant.


To integrate Youzer into your applications or internal processes, we provide an API that allows you to manage your organisation's users.

Do you want to cross-reference HR/IT information? Set up workflows? The Youzer API is available for this.

Integration of on premise software

Thanks to the technology of our universal connector that we have developed, it is possible to connect Youzer to any business application, even behind a firewall.

So, you have developed an application, your own software for your internal needs and you need to integrate it into your internal processes?

No worries, we integrate it like the rest of your software.

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Integration with SaaS software

Our connectors integrate with the SaaS applications you use (Office 365, GSuite...) in order to manage the different accounts on each application.

The major SaaS applications and software have developed APIs that can be easily connected to other tools such as Youzer app.

We thus link them to your Youzer account so that you can manage them on a single interface

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