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Synchronise your HRIS and IT accounts and obtain reliable information that can be used throughout the company.

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Unique user repository

The repository contains the list of employees or agents managed by HR, as well as temporary workers, service providers, etc.

This list is fed using HRIS connectors or manually, using the user creation form. This directory thus constituted enables all the people concerned to have the same exhaustive and up-to-date information.

Thus, you have an overall view of the people working with you at any given time.

Synchronisation with HRIS tools

Youzer's HRIS connectors make it possible to regularly import user information: surname, first name, personnel number, date of arrival, date of departure, manager, etc.

The HR department can therefore distribute arrival and departure information without double entry. This limits the risk of errors or omissions.

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Custom user attributes

Because each organisation has its own specificities, it is possible to define custom attributes for users depending on the information you wish to display or import from your HRIS.

Duplicate detection

Youzer detects possible duplicate users in order to maintain a "clean" repository. Thus avoid empty user accounts or accounts that are split between the two accounts. The latter could be a breach in your security.

The detection of duplicates makes it possible to update the HRIS or to merge users who have been entered twice by mistake.

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Searching for users and accounts

The search allows you to find information hidden among thousands of users and accounts, such as email aliases or logins.

Search directly in the search engine or by using the filters.

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