5 good reasons why you will love the MFA/2FA

Mélanie Lebrun


Youzer Marketing Manager


MFA, 2FA, dual authentication is all the rage at the moment. Is it just a fad or is there a real benefit? Discover in 5 points the advantages of MFA!


Known as MFA, multi-factor authentication, or 2FA, double authentication (2 factor authentication), this is a security system that identifies a user online using a minimum of two means to prove his or her identity identity.


The MFA uses different certification accesses such as :

- A password, a code

- Validation via a personal device such as a telephone

- Physical evidence such as a fingerprint, iris or voice


The strength of MFA lies in the combination of at least two of these identification methods.

1. Preventing cyber attacks

Let's face it: one of the best bulwarks against cyber-attacks is the protection of your IS! The stronger your users' identification systems, the more secure your IT system will be. To support this point, a 2021 report by Verizon shows that stolen credentials were the cause of 61% of corporate compromises.

Double authentication is therefore an excellent shield against weak passwords,identity, phishing andphantom accounts. It is very difficult for a hacker to get past an MFA.

2. Reinforces good corporate practices

The IT Department has an educational role with regard to users: it's the department that explains, gives best practices, takes protective measures, raises awareness... Implementing the MFA also means telling users: our words are not just words, they're also actions, here's how to secure your accesses.

The benefits of 2FA are twofold: it secures access, which not only satisfies the IT department, but also the users, who can rest assured that their software is accessible. Theft of personal information, or worse, misuse of their software, is not something users appreciate. ☹️

What's more, with the increase in telecommuting, securing access from any location has been made easier with 2FA.

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3. MFA + SSO = happiness for IT and users

Of course, employees aren't enchanted at first sight, and complicating their connection doesn't make them jump for joy. On the other hand, coupling multi-factor authentication with single sign-on is an excellent thing for both IT and users.

Let's briefly remind you what SSO is: an authentication system that allows you to log in using a single password.
If you reduce access to different software and sites using a single password, you reinforce the security of your IS, and if this single password is reinforced, then you maintain a strong barrier.

4. Compliance for certain sectors

Some sectors are subject to very strict regulations and legislation, for which MFA is virtually compulsory, or even mandatory for banks and payment service providers under the PSD2 directive.

Even on a personal level, we're noticing that MFA is becoming more and more a part of our lives. Google messaging has made MFA mandatory, as have banks and certain health services.

The CNIL has published an article on this subject for the general public.

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5. MFA as a criterion of seriousness

As SaaS software becomes more and more widespread, it's crucial for IT to control access to it. This software often contains sensitive data for users and/or the company, and locking down access means ensuring a secure information system.

So, while it's crucial to control your shadow it, access rights, account sharing and so on, it's also important to secure the solutions that access your IS. A solution that does everything in its power to protect its application and its users makes IT's job easier.

Double authentication remains an effective solution, with little inconvenience, which explains its success.

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