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Summary of staff arrivals/departures and current provisionings

What's new on Youzer

➡️ Fine-tune settings on automatic triggers in workflows.
➡️ Ignore association suggestions if they don't seem relevant to you, line by line.
➡️ Duplicate your customized templates for sending identifiers.

See all the new features for June.

➡️ Double authentication, 2FA, is gradually becoming mandatory.
We have decided for security reasons linked to current events and by the sensitivity of the information managed by Youzer to make 2FA mandatory. Until then, don't wait for the deadline and start switching to 2FA now.

Focus on :

Correspondence tables, , are the organization and authorization repository. In these reference tables, you can, for example, record the list of geographical sites, as well as the list of authorizations that will be allocated to users assigned to a particular site.

We have completed the documentation on correspondence tables.

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