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What's new on Youzer

➡️ Drafts created with packages can be recalculated before the final unit is created.
➡️ Customize your email and manager reminder templates as part of an account review.
➡️ Duplicate and modify customized unit filters

See all the new features for December.

➡️ Double authentication, 2FA, is gradually becoming mandatory.
We have decided for security reasons linked to current events and by the sensitivity of the information managed by Youzer to make 2FA mandatory. Until then, don't wait for the deadline and start switching to 2FA now.

Focus on :

Account review enables IT managers to check the alignment of employee rights.
You can launch an account review campaign on certain applications and send an e-mail to all managers concerned, asking them to validate the access rights of their team members.

1. Set up the connectors to be included in the account review
2. Set up your e-mail and e-mail reminder templates
3. Send your access validation campaign.
4. Monitor account validation
5. Send a reminder to managers.